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Want to order three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle? Find it!

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-08-02
Want to order three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle? Find it!

Beijing company in custom 3 d puzzles have been shipped. It is the third time this year they place the order to our company. The company in our customized products are exported to Russia. That also means that the products must meet strict toy safety testing - the world's most - - The eu toy safety test report. Also once again proved our products are safe and non-toxic let customers trust of three-dimensional puzzle products. At present, this batch of three-dimensional puzzle has been from Beijing depot bridge offshore parking lot. Estimated that went to Beijing in two days. If you are interested in more than three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle custom products or have any questions, please contact our website click on the right side of the customer service, or call our hotline: & lt; More news & gt; Wholesale 2 yuan 3 d puzzle puzzle you have teacher's day in 2012, if you are interested in above the three-dimensional puzzle of customized or have any questions, please click on the right side of the customer service or call our hotline:. - - - - - - - Editor: 01 - Sourcing consultant LTD. All rights reserved reprint please indicate the source
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