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What are Lovelybird Toys shipping modes?
There are numerous options for shipping modes from Foshan Lovelybird Toys Co.,Ltd.. They include transportations through land, sea or air. Cooperating with internationally trusted logistic service providers such as DHL, EMS, and UPS who can safely ship products to countries around the world, we have the ability to cover every aspect of shipping for customers. When planning your shipment, we will prioritize your needs and take considerations of factors such as budget, time and types of goods being transported. We will help you choose the best mode of transport.

For many years, Lovelybird Toys has been a reliable supplier and manufacturer of disney puzzles. Lovelybird Toys's main products include paper puzzle series. The product is not affected by temperature. It has gone through high and low temperature treatment such as firing and cooling, thereby it has stable physical properties. Pictures used in puzzles are customizable with customer's own photographs or pictures. Free of any glare, this product provides ideal writing and drawing experience for users no matter used indoor or outdoor. The finished work can be hung in the game room, workshop, garage, bar, etc.

We have already made a framework for our responsible development. During the production process, we will try best to reduce pollution and energy waste. We guarantee that all of our actions are in line with the laws and regulations.
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