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What are the benefits of a puzzle to the child?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-30
What are the benefits of a puzzle to the child?

1. Can inspire children reasoning ability to think and improve hand-eye coordination: from let children play with Mosaic puzzles, to the larger children start stitching segmentation piece of the puzzle is complete single design, so that destruction pattern puzzle, but cutting rules from plane to three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, each puzzle pieces, all children need to rotate in different directions, to success, from practice of child hand-eye coordination. Because puzzle is need toys of dividing, restructuring, therefore in the process of piecing together, also can have children to suffer setbacks, in the face of a pile of messy puzzle pieces, children need to think alone figure piece of color, location, direction, therefore love puzzles children often reasoning ability to think will be better. 2. Improve children's frustration tolerance: children playing puzzles and adults, in the form of adults is strategic puzzles, children are intuitive puzzles; Adult is first pick all round flat and classification, to get that one child is permeance began to find its location, as part of the children and the overall concept is very strong, played a few times after, will remember the location of the more prominent shape or color piece. Study through the puzzle, children will gradually develop a variety of strategies, and learn to sort out from the chaos to complete the puzzle of idea, by the time the try and error, the children will set up our own strategy; When he started to work with others to puzzle game, is also brewing complex relationships, children experts think the puzzle is a good tool for training children improve frustration tolerance. 3. Increase observation, cultivate patience, concentration, when children enter the world of puzzles, from the completion of the puzzle little sense of accomplishment, to overcome the difficulties to complete large jigsaw puzzle, great sense of achievement acquired after children not only get the self-affirmation, learn to face difficulties, A pile of clutter puzzle pieces) When 'through constant observation analysis ( How do you spell should go down) , continual, focus, and patiently inputs, training the children concentration and the degree of stability. Jigsaw puzzle game for children smarter jigsaw puzzle is a very suitable for the baby to play the game, it not only has the effect that inspired intelligence, can also help them form the habit of independent solve things. Therefore, mother can let the baby play with all kinds of puzzles, let the baby to enjoy the game and happy at the same time benefit from it.
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