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What are the hazards unqualified puzzle toys? Jigsaw puzzle toy manufacturer to remind you

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-12-01
Toy is the partner of children, and the quality is unqualified, jigsaw will endanger the health and safety of children. Recently, the CCTV exposure a plastic toy manufacturer plasticizers phthalates content should exceed bid 368 times. Learned, plasticizing agent phthalates in toys, could lead to sexual precocity, damage the liver and kidney, and even cancer. Reporter survey found that children's toy market, in addition to this kind of invisible harm plasticizer, 3 without the product, identity is not clear, no warnings toys are still flooding the market, and physical health of children. Hot water, plasticizer will release, serious can affect children's reproductive system. If the substance in the body long deposit, and may cause liver and kidney damage, even has certain carcinogenic. Plasticizer in addition to the influence of children will have direct contact, the contact if mother during pregnancy, will have a long-term impact. Puzzle toy manufacturer told reporters, for pregnant women, if excessive consumption of the plasticizer, will cause the male reproductive system and development of pregnancy problems; The little girl will appear early breast development, precocious puberty, and so on and so forth. As a result, the treasure mom in appropriate toys goods of choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to these problems, only safe and reliable foshan puzzle toy factory is worthy of trust. Foshan puzzle toy factory is a manufacturing puzzle toys processing experience for many years the conscience of the manufacturers, our professional service for the child to build more and more high quality children's toys! Worthy of your trust!
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