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What are the main process puzzle toys production?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2021-01-06
Jigsaw puzzle is a more common in our life, is a popular gift. Look at these forms of toy products, so how did the toys made of? What are the main process in the production processing? 1, design puzzle toys production first is to design a style of whole and determine the style, the choice of toys is more, according to different design requirements will vary in style, and can therefore be designed first is inevitable. Can be a first idea, determine the image plan, evaluating whether can be processed. 2, the image of cutting piece in a basis is determined, the toy set genre and cuttings with makings is inevitable. Set genre is a kind of more effective intuitive way, 2 d concept can be used to show, can will cut out the part of the suture line performance; The materials cutting piece is directly decided the appearance design is good or bad, is a toy design process is more complex part of the complex. 3 cuttings, trial manufacture refers to repeatedly revised the process, a test processing, look to whether can achieve the ideal effect. If there is any need to modify in the trial production, will be to work piece, until can yield satisfactory toy products. Jigsaw puzzle paper manufacturers choose more when choosing a manufacturer can have a basic understanding, see if it conforms to the renewal of production and processing, to ensure the quality of the paper puzzle toys.
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