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What! To puzzle spell a week!

by:Lovelybird Toys     2020-07-30
What! To puzzle spell a week!

have you seen the four ping big puzzle? Deiss grace draw illustrations the dream, his Nicole Doll series popular with manufacturers, made signs puzzle, 4 ping nearly 60000 pieces, very spectacular. Have you seen how big is the biggest puzzles? Illustration designer to create a series of Nicole deiss as Doll, Doll illustrations, obtain three-dimensional puzzle maker, will he made four ping constellation series illustrator big puzzle, nearly 60000 pieces, on display in the taichung municipal culture bureau to May 16. Deiss grace has for many years for China's trust to ignite the fire of life series of illustrations, this sleeping garden show, the most notable is a giant jigsaw puzzle, he painted the 12 signs Nicole Doll pattern, quite spectacular! Deiss grace graduated from high school who is a former town, zhen yunlin university of science and technology on visual communication design, starting from the ink and the world turn into computer illustration, from the transformation into a hold the mouse with the writing brush, process difficult, don't know anything about computer software, he set up a blog, posted an own work every day, in the network gradually rushes out one day. Before graduating from university, a press active deiss as assist Hans Christian Andersen story, please draw the illustrations, rushes out popularity gradually, jasmine tea light spring valentine's day Love Crazy to keep sound card, monthly eyebrow park design, 7 - fairy flower dance set 7-eleven store marketing tinkerbell traffic great inventions doll design have appoint his job as a designer, please. Deiss as currently teaching at taichung institute of technology, is the school's youngest lecturer, he also actively create brand Nicole doll, developed a series of life items such as t-shirts, bags, three-dimensional puzzle, this time in the city culture exhibition garden, sleeping puzzle company unity output 4 flat, nearly 60000 pieces of puzzle. 60000 pieces of puzzles addictive, spell it out for at least 1 week!
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