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who invented the jigsaw puzzle and other interesting facts?

by:Lovelybird Toys     2019-11-22
I think we all know what a puzzle is.
The material in the shape of your Assembly or interlocking to create a picture that can be accommodated.
The original jigsaw puzzle was made of hard wood such as cedar and mahogany.
British cartographer John spielbury began to stick the map to a hardwood board and then cut it along the borders of the country and region with a hand saw.
It was in the 1760 s.
His confusion has become an important learning tool for geography students.
He was entrusted with more work.
Despite the puzzle
Hundreds of dollars, time, and a lot of hard work were made in Salisbury.
These early models are called Anatomy puzzles or simple anatomy.
Jigsaw puzzles quickly expanded to the community-large.
The theme goes beyond geography and turns to poetry, popular children\'s stories such as David Copperfield, biblical verses, and portraits of British monarchs.
William Denton is a puzzle maker specializing in the latter.
To 1800, these puzzles and puzzles
To America.
Reel saws and color flat print were also invented in that era, so they look brighter and brighter.
In the 1840 s, softer woods were used.
In the 1890 s when the mold was invented
Cutting, jigsaw puzzle began mass production.
This leads to Interlocking methods that make them easier to maintain.
Into the 1900 s, especially during the Great Depression of the 1920 s to the 1930 s. Jigsaw puzzle-
The production is at its height.
Cardboard is now being used so they are cheaper and adults are assembling them seriously.
They are under a lot of pressure.
Relief workers and people have to do things in the past, or forget about hunger and unemployment.
Puzzles are believed to be sold at about 1 million per week.
In addition, pharmacies and other companies also use them as promotional tools for products such as toothpaste, sewing machines and coffee.
Libraries are also involved in this bill and rent them at a fairly cheap price.
In the fall of 1932, the development of weekly puzzle games.
From 1940 seconds to higher, the theme has really expanded and the type, complexity, picture quality, size and shape of the material has also expanded.
Think about today\'s theme, for example, and you will surely find it a jigsaw puzzle.
The materials used to make them include wood, cardboard, foam plastic, plastic and metal.
The puzzle can be 234 simple pieces, or more than 32,000 pieces complex.
In fact, a 32,256-
The jigsaw puzzle game made by German company raavendouger officially broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest commercial jigsaw puzzle game ever.
Titled \"Double review\", it weighs 37 lbs.
7 pounds, measuring 17 feet 8 inch 6 feet cm 5 inch cm high. The 234-
The puzzle is considered to be the smallest puzzle at 4 by 6 inch, produced by illustrator William van der dasson (
Although Karnan is the leading jigsaw puzzle company in Sweden, he is said to have created a smaller wooden puzzle with size 2. 6 inches by 2. 6 inches).
The most difficult puzzle was made by a company called Buffalo game in Buffalo, New York.
They started doing puzzles in 1996.
This complex, double
Double sided puzzles are called spotted dogs.
It has 529 pieces and measures 15 by 15 inch.
Other types of puzzles include 3-
Large size-
Works of the elderly, as well as puzzles on the Internet.
Regarding the number of pieces, the average number of pieces per box is 300, 500, 750 and 1,000.
The latter is the most popular.
The schedule for famous manufacturers includes Parker Brothers 1887;
Platt & Munk, 1920 s;
JK Strauss and Whitman, 1930 s;
House for game time, 1940 s;
Ravendish ger, 1964, Wrebbit and Heyes, 2001.
In 2007, Nashville game company in Tennessee began to make national jigsaw puzzles, especially the achievements of Africa.
Americans like George Kaver, Harriet Tabman, President Barack Obama, and even Michael Jackson.
They are the only major manufacturer to fill the gaps in ethnic minorities and do not appear in the jigsaw puzzle game scene.
Puzzles are currently made in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, China and Australia.
Although for most people, puzzles are hard to break down once they are assembled, I remember getting a lot of fun from the process as a child.
Today, the pressure of the puzzle
Social relief workers and tools.
They also help developers.
Eye coordination is the perfect assistant for patients with Alzheimer\'s disease.
It is said that the word jigsaw puzzle was derived from the puzzle invented in 1909 and used to cut the puzzle into pieces.
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