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How a Jigsaw Puzzle is Made?

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Whether you're looking for a gift or a keepsake, Custom Wood Puzzles for Sale are a fun way to bring cherished memories to life. With many options to choose from, there's a puzzle to match every occasion and budget.Create a family photo jigsaw for kids and adults alike. Use your favorite family photos to make a photo collage puzzle, or give it as a gift for birthdays and special occasions.

The interface is easy to use and there are plenty of templates to choose from. You can make a single image with border, multiple images in a collage, or add text to create a more personalized gift.A family collage is a great idea for birthdays and anniversaries, or even for weddings and other special events. The best part is, you can upload a high-quality image or have it scanned if necessary.

Unlike other jigsaw puzzle makers, all of our custom wood puzzles are hand-cut, one piece at a time, by skilled crafters, so each puzzle is truly unique. These jigsaw puzzles are made from solid 1/4" basswood, with a double-thick mahogany veneer back and ultra premium 5-star archival matte or luster paper for printing.

Whether you're looking for an original gift for a loved one or want to add a little fun to your own home, Custom Wooden Puzzles are a wonderful way to bring out the creative side of everyone. They're also durable and can be wiped clean, so they're a good choice for kids or adults of all ages.

It easy to personalize your puzzle with a photo of your choice. Their interface is easy to navigate and you can easily add text, icons, emojis, and more to your image. They offer a number of pre-set templates, but you can also create your own design from scratch.Lovebirds is known for its high-quality, long-lasting jigsaw puzzles that make a satisfying click when they're put together. They also feature thick, solid pieces that fit well together.

Originally made from wood, jigsaw puzzles are now mass produced using cardboard or other cheaper materials. Most mass market manufacturers use lithographic prints as the images for their puzzles, and higher quality custom makers allow customers to provide their own photographs or drawings.

Once the artwork has been chosen, it's mounted on a sheet of paper and draped over a sheet of backing material such as card-board (also called chipboard). These materials are cheap, easy to cut and generally durable enough to handle the wear and tear that will be involved in the long-term production of the puzzle.

Before the puzzle can be cut, each individual piece has to be drawn by hand by workers and shaped to fit the shape of the image. This is done to avoid any pieces accidentally falling into the wrong place or being distorted.

These jigsaw puzzles are then cut by a scroll saw with a fine blade that is about 0.016 in (0.041 cm) thick. This allows intricate cuts to be made with minimal tearing, so that the puzzles fit together tightly.

Once the jigsaw puzzle has been cut, it's packaged in a plastic bag with a label and sent off to be sold. It takes about a month to get a new puzzle out of the factory and social-distancing measures have left the company with limited inventory.Jigsaw Puzzle Factory

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